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Inspired Messages

Motivated Members

Empowered Audiences


Your meeting is going exactly as you planned.


“And now I’d like to introduce today’s guest speaker. I think you’ll find his message inspirational, but also practical. Please welcome Dr. Rob Shire.”


Dr. Shire delivers an engaging program that is not only educational, but compelling.


“My focus is helping people maximize their health potential,” smiles Dr. Shire. “Our health affects everyone we know and everything we do. That means our businesses, careers, relationships and the hopes and dreams we have of the future.”

His speaking presentations are flexible. He tailors each one to fit your meeting or event format. His infectious enthusiasm and depth of knowledge is immediately obvious.

Watch him move your group to action with his personable, down to earth delivery. His interactive style connects with audiences. Everyone seems to relate to his real-world anecdotes. It’s fun. Informative. And he provides immediately usable strategies for your next luncheon, corporate health fair or membership meeting.

Whether a quick, 20-minute keynote or a longer-length informational seminar, Dr. Shire is sure to be the talked-about highlight of your next gathering.


Read the comments from meeting organizers and event planners who have hosted this dynamic speaker.

Contact Dr. Shire for availability, topics, honoraria and presentation details for your next conference.

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