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The Most Requested Programs Presented by Dr. Shire

Yes, Dr. Shire is a chiropractor, but his expertise extends far beyond the spine!


Over the years, two programs have become the most requested. Each captivates audiences and provides practical ideas that members of your group can apply immediately.


"Transforming Stress Into Success"


We live in stressful times. It’s so universal we don’t even notice anymore. However, the five types of stress can be either destructive or constructive. Learn how to recognize each type.


This is an eclectic presentation that touches on simple strategies to improve energy, immunity, mental clarity, creativity and enjoyment of life:


•    DNA – Why it’s not your destiny or a good predictor of your health

•    Movement – We were designed to move and why sitting is killing us

•    Sleep – Without enough restful sleep our productivity is affected

•    Water – Learn to recognize the telltale signs of being underhydrated

•    Food – Does your diet supply the raw materials your body needs?

•    Immune response – The essentials of a happy, healthy immune system

•    Mindfulness – Countless health issues are caused by our own thoughts


Dr. Shire can adapt this popular program to emphasize specific issues your group may be facing. Attendees take home countless pearls to immediately enhance their health and well-being.


"Listen to Your Mother"


Mother Nature has a set of rules. We can ignore them. Bend them. Even deny they exist. But eventually we pay the price!


This fascinating program explores the wisdom of Mother Nature and reminds attendees of the immutable and eternal tenets of health and well-being. Somewhere along the way we’ve lost touch with our Mother. Was it modern medicine? Impatience? Mistrust of our own bodies?


Audiences report practical advice and profound insights:


•    How you can transform your health using five simple tools 

•    Better energy and vitality for a higher quality of life

•    Creating sustainable health habits at home and at work 

•    Reduced illness, absenteeism and greater productivity

•    Ways to become better stewards of our mind, body and spirit


This is an inspirational reminder for each of us to treat ourselves with greater kindness. Learn how you can leverage the power within you to manifest optimum health.


An Experienced and Motivational Speaker


Dr. Shire can create a special program to address the specific needs of your group or organization. Here are some ideas that demonstrate his flexibility and versatility as a speaker:

The Happy Healthy Human – Six foundational principles of great health

Stretching to Reduce Strain and Stress – What your cat can teach you

Ergonomics and Stress – The link between workspace and productivity

The Stress Pandemic – How to inoculate yourself from its harmful effects

Healing Yourself – Activating the best doctor in the world: Dr. You

It’s Not My Job – What is your doctor’s job and what is your job?


As you can see, Dr. Shire’s expertise is wide-ranging! 


Would your group benefit from a custom program focused on pediatrics, ergonomics, productivity, longevity, mindfulness, happiness or other aspects of natural health? Contact Dr. Shire to discuss your special needs.

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